Dress to Your Slimming Success

Now that you have reached your weight loss goal with Adipex, its time to show off your new found beauty and celebrate. (More success weight loss stories you can find at adipexonline.net). God has gifted every one of us with a body part that is worth accentuating. Also, there are some tricks to dress slim, looking slimmer than we actually are. Let’s find how!

Here are some ways following which you can highlight your best features as well as conceal your weaker parts.

  • Do you have a very elegant skin color? People name it alabaster skin, or milk and strawberry! Wear some aqua blue, lime green, baby pink and all pastel colors to highlight your skin color.
  • Do you have long pair of lean shapely legs? Make sure to wear mini skirt then!
  • Thin and shapely wrists? Wear bracelets and bangles and draw attention.
  • Flat tummy with a full breast? Tuck in your shirt and belt your waist with a trendy one.
  • If you have high collar bones, buy yourself a few good scoop neck tops to show these off!
  • In case you have muscular arms and shoulders, cap-sleeved tops or tanks will draw others attention to those arms.
  • If you have a beautiful neckline but your hips are not yet at the desired shape, a canary V neck tee with dark blue jeans will do the trick for you.
  • If you have shapely shoulder and long, lean leg, but you are embarrassed by the heaviness of your chest, go for high-necked black halter with a fuchsia mini. The halter will minimize your chest but show off your shoulders, and the mini will draw attention to your gorgeous legs.

Now let’s learn a few tricks to dress slim;

  • Color has a great deal to do with your looks. The best way to use color for looking slim is to dress completely in one dark color. May be navy blue, black or brown.
  • Wear bright colors like hot pink, yellow, orange, red etc when you want to draw attention.
  • While wearing prints, opt for tiny patters and avoid gaudy, floral or geometric patterns on top or bottom. These will make you look overweight due to visual effects!
  • When you take up a jacket, make sure it fits your body. Those loose and boxy jackets make you look bulky.
  • Avoid wearing pleated pants and skirts, they make your hip and lower abdominal area look larger.
  • The golden rule of looking slim is to wear vertical stripes. Try jackets, pants, shirts, skirts with thin vertical lines. See yourself in the mirror, you look leaner and taller.
  • While wearing jeans, take care so that you do not wear them high on the waist. It will make your butt look bigger. Go for a pair of jeans in which the waistband sits right on the navel.
  • Go for jeans with straight or boot cut instead of peg or tapered leg look. These cuts will give a taller and proportionate look.

You have worked hard for good looks, and achieved your goal. Now time to feel good about it…Dress to kill and celebrate your success!